Structures of your entrance.


The Aluminum was the material of choice for the portal.

We are now installing rustic models with powder coating: wood look to the contemporary model: a work of art for your entrance.

An apparent or recessed motorization will bring you comfort of use.

Indeed, the swing gate allows you a partial or total opening to circulate according to your needs.

With equal or unequal leaves, your swing gate opens on the inside or the outside of your property.

Choose your direction of opening!


Installing a sliding gate at home allows you to open it without the leaves obstructing the aisle. This is a significant space saver if the aisle is small. This opening option also offers a certain comfort of use, especially if you opt for a motorized model. A sliding gate motor automates the opening and closing of the gate without having to get out of your vehicle. This is a very practical option if your house is located in a busy street without the possibility of parking to open the gate by hand.

Our company offers a wide choice of models, all tailor-made and of high quality!

(French made)