Discover our verandas with flat or radiant roofs

Take into account the specificities of each house for a custom veranda

Want space, light, comfort… There are many reasons for choosing a veranda. This one offers great potential. From a delightful winter garden to a real living room, it becomes the natural extension of your home and takes shape according to your desires.

High-performance aluminum joinery

Doors, windows, fixed and sliding windows… Our 70TH and 32TH ranges guarantee very high thermal and acoustic insulation qualities. They can be supplemented by a set of high-performance glazing, such as solar control glazing. Glazing and roof panels adapt to any type of heating and the orientation of the house. All for a controlled energy balance.

  • Custom veranda
  • A unique veranda
  • Consideration of local and meteorological particularities
  • Respect for the architectural specificities of your house
  • Taking into account your needs for comfort and your aesthetic tastes
  • Support throughout the project
  • Manufactured in a local workshop